TNFro Is…Listening to Music, Admiring Everyday Excellence, Wishing the Duke and Duchess Cousin Meghan Congrats, Eating Great Food, Reading from Listeners

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Admiring Everyday Excellence…first Black Woman to lead WH Press conference in 30 years and a woman earns her law degree after a 30 year Hiatus, that’s just baller!

Watching Movies…

Lean into the Insantity and it should be called from Baroness to Cruella…

Cooking on the #OtherSideofBartonAve in #MississippiAve

Part of the hunt is fresh ingredients and a simple recipe. And then adjusting when it goes left.

Eating Great food…

Prince Harry and Duchess Cousin Meghan Have a New Baby!! Her name is Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor…rather posh! And the baby was born on Friday and they told us Sunday…no putting on heels and presenting the baby hours after birth here…umm remember no security.

Chillin’ and Waiting on Lili

Reading From Listeners


Family Reunion

“The Dark Web. We are just going to have to call it The Black Web. Fuck it, if we have to run it, we get to name it.” Says Felicity to the One entity.

The One replies,”Really.”

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