Over 40 And UnApologetically Nerdy…Quark’s Bar Episode 2!

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In this Week’s Episode I review Thanksgiving Themed Star Trek Episodes…Thanksgiving on a Star Ship. Worf’s Brother, a Klingon Commander Has A Lot to Say…and reminds me how much family can really ruin Thanksgiving.

This episodes is full of Spoilers Don’t Listen to it if you have not watch the Season Opener on Paramount+ or buy on Youtube or other streaming services

Seems as If this is a Michael Burnham or Sonequa Martin Green Heavy Episode, which is a good thing! Watch her Star Trek Log Featured This Week

ST Discovery makes history, Sonequa Martin Green, the First Black Female first captain to lead a Starship…But I need to fact check I though Lt Commander Geordi LaForge from Next Gen mother was a captain also…This Captain looked so good on the View, the Only reason I watched the show. Guinan(Whoopi Goldberg Next Gen Character) looked good!

Capt Micheal the First!!!

Tipsy Recap Featuring Burria Tacos and my take on a Blue Soarian Meade…

ST Discovery Episode Ending Shocker!! Subscribe to Paramount Plus to watch the entire episode, It will trip you out!!

Destruction of Booker’s Home Planet

Poor Fine Book!

Character, Booker defending his ship

I also read from my ST Fan Fiction Story Ru’Gahls War,

Rugahl, Cardassian Raised by BaJorians

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