TNFro Is Reading…Reflecting on Holidays

I love this time of year, and any excuse to play Christmas themed music, all music available for streaming on iTunes, or where ever you stream your music and Podcasts.

We are entering a difficult and dangerous time. Emotionally tumultuous, riddled with anxiety and dread. People are so afraid of change or differing views and perspectives, threatening their tenuous reality, with elevated place or superior views of themselves. These views are threatened to end by some unseen threat.

Guess what? It really isn’t all that crucial . The foundations are sinking, see the cracks? We should strive to be better versions of ourselves, seeking truths and positivety. Dreaming of something better, a peaceful existence. Peace is not boring, unless you are a drama junkie, and I am not.

With every blog post, melaninated musings about COVID, Science, my eating, reading, listening choices, watching, and writing, I seek each creative production to be better than the last. Seek, Dream, Hustle, Repeat…Always.

A new Episode of my Podcast has just dropped…Let me know what you think.

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