The Melanated Nerd Mourning the Loss of Betty aka Rose Nylund White, Moving Content to

I am happy this year 2022 has started, and 2021 an apparent extension of 2020 Dumpster fire ended, and I wish all peace and joy in the New Year as we sit under a Tornado Watch in Chattanooga TN, but I am still blessed!

Byeeeee 2021

I published these episodes earlier in 2021 all available for immediate streaming on

I talk about getting to 3000 downloads on another platform, I am Chair Dancing to Madonna and NASA News, CQ-1, LEGO Shuttle Discovery which I still haven’t put together, ST-Corner with Voyager and DS9 Docs, and More of The Listeners.

I also publish to Anchor my first Podcast of 2021 talking my GOP Read, Vision Board 2021(Umm need to find it and revise) Weekly Schedule, Chattabooks Additions. I published this episode 2 days before the January 6 2021 riots. The Read of the GOP was necessary.

If you haven’t heard by now, we lost the great small screen actress, Betty aka Rose Nylund White.

Betty White

I have spent most of the day, binge watching The Golden Girls and Court Cam Go figure. But this Season 2 Episode 6 of the Golden Girls is probably one of my favorites and made me fall in love with Miami. I make no apologies for my off key singing.

Me singing to Golden Girls, Miami You’ve Got Style

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