The Melanated Nerd…Moving Into The New Year With Joy But Still Fussing

I have been smarting from an assessment from my snarky cousin on why he couldn’t work with me.

Side Eye To Begging Folks

The reality is I was not worth his effort because I had less than 1-million followers or views. Cool, you were willing to jack me for grocery money, and condescend that I was not good enough. Cool.

So instead of just getting mad I wanted to get even. No I am not on some Issa Rae next level ish. But I have been on my grind to find out what do I have to do to increase views and get sponsorships…and that’s what I did. Content that appeals and is unique and positive gets worked into the algorithm. I am with it!

Lean into the spirit of this year of counting your blessings, giving to others, and spreading happiness! I know I will!

It is the beginning of the holiday season to be kind to your mind and others. Give love to receive love.

Still moving content to

I am having fun researching myself and moving the most downloaded Podcast Episodes to Still on my grind to get 50 unique listeners so If you are intrigued by the episodes please listen.

In this episode I talk about Critically acclaimed and would we expect anything less from Shonda Rhimes? No.

**Full Episode Notes**

Season 2 is returning minus the Duke March 25 2022! I am sure a delay is due to the latest surge etc.

#Bridgerton on #netflix

I also published to Anchor an episode I published from the Gulf Shores of Alabama

I paid respect, Rest In Power Eric Jerome Dickey. I commented on Simon and Schuster hits Hawley In his pockets. Which seems timely that #Twitter has kicked Majorie Taylor Green off for violation of user agreement. I added to Chattabooks, THE PROPHETS By Robert Jones Jr.

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