TNFro Is Moving Content to and Celebrating Being a Barnstormer Festival Finalist!!!

Still moving content to

I read from the Song of Solomon…An Expression of God’s Love for His People

Reading from historical romance Author Alyssa Cole, Celebrating Black Love with her novels Be Not Afraid and An Extraordinary Union these as well as other books available for purchase on Chattabooks

I also moved this episode TNFro is Reading…WTF COVID Shenanary, Eating, Listening, Writing-Black Girl Down, and Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture…to

From September of 2021 where I debut my script for a Fictional Podcast or limited series on a streaming service…Well someone liked it because now I am ranked on Coverfly and was a Finalist in Barnstorm Fest 2021 for my script Black Woman Down!!!

I am a Finalist!! Woot!!

I wrote this right after the Gabby Petito case broke. I can’t imagine losing a child so violently. But I also was floored in the over 1000 brown and Indigenous women who have disappeared without a trace and not receiving the same attention as this little blond girl from Florida. It is so exciting to know that someone finds my writing interesting enough to consider me in any contest…How cool is that!!

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