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Still Moving Content to Remember,

I originally posted this in June 2021.

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I am having so much fun in the episode Listening to Music, Watched Cruella, Black Girls Rock every day, Lilibet Diana in the House of Sussex, Cooking, Eating great food, and Reading from The Listeners.

Moving Forward…Does not mean forgetting the pain

I will not allow any political party or machine to re-write what my eyes saw January 6th. I was appalled and angry. This was a gross disregard to the rule of law, the participants were cowards and rioters, they were not protesters. Anyone who wants me to ignore that fact, really needs to take many seats.

This week I have been a bit avoidant of social media and live news. Because I didn’t want to risk being in that headspace of rage and anxiety. So here I am being invited for a meeting with a Barnstorm producer, yes I am still tripping’

Finalist, Black Woman Down

4 Bridges Continues Part 5 Spilling the T

I started writing this as a celebration of the holidays. I think this chapter is a fitting end…(Excerpt From 4 Bridges) It doesn’t seem like I am finished with this story, just finished for now…I brag on my city, Chattanooga TN! Don’t hate, we boujee!!

(Jackie’s Perspective)

The truth will set you free? Only if you the ho spilling the T.” Abel Byrd, Everyday.

“Surround yourself with people on their grind. Everyone can’t go where you want to go.” Wanda Byrd, Big Mama

The Holidays for me should be for families with happiness and pure pursuit of joy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all blood relatives. You should always seek to surround yourself with people all year round, but especially during the holidays, that support and bring happiness. Parties do not serve as secular confessionals or long psychotherapy sessions where you unpack all your emotional detritus from years of self-abuse and stupid decisions. Being with Big Ma and my cousin, the fabulous Abel always make me happy.

Walnut Street Bridge, At Night

I ask, “When does your plane land in the US?”

Abel, “So many cancellations I get tested then the flight gets cancelled ridiculous. 4 times already. So, I am coming back on a PJ. You know that hustler Fam of Vance K-Rod?”

I say, “Yeah the one that got his Super Bowl ring back?”

Abel, “He reached out to me and gave me access to an associate’s jet.”

I say, “Wait what?”

Abel, “One of his lawyer friends arranged it so wheels up in 2 hours and I fly directly into Chattanooga. Private hangar no TSA BS. K-Rod is a new age hustler, so many layers to his bag.  He exists, but as a ghost. Runs his shit tight. If only BMF and those other kingpins had taken a note from him…including my father.”

I say, “That sounds like admiration tinged with a bit of hater-aid”

Abel, “A little of course. Would it be me saying it if I didn’t?”

I laugh and say, “The family holiday dinner is coming together.”

Abel, “That sounds like a complete shit show. I need some Tums just thinking about it.”

I laugh and say, “it will make for great TV movie and besides we are about to grub on the best food ever. We already searching out all things smoked pork, and not a Chitlin’ to be had locally having to go to NC. Ed’s meats is doing it for us.”

Abel laughing, “I look forward to letting out suits making fat pants. “

I say,” Vance’s son is coming the other one probably isn’t they hate each other. Last time they were in same space it came to blows. Cops called. His brother that sold his Super Bowl ring is now doing a bid for fraud and now I know why K-Rod is coming into town”

Abel, “That sounds about right. As long as we don’t get raided.”

I say, “If his business is as tight as you say, nah probably not.”

Abel, “For true.”

I say, “Yo Grace’s other kids have been in touch those hoods coming, it is about to be a party!!”

Abel, “Fun for you while you wiring the city for sound and light…but for of us trapped with those light fingered MFers.”

I say,” Oh no bro we had 3 more tiny houses pulled onto the compound, the wiring and plumbing is in. I haven’t seen them since I was little. And your cousins plan on coming down from Knoxville. Also, did you know you have 2 half-brothers’ artists in Nashville? “

Abel, “Yeah Big Mama kept in touch with them they are straight raised by their mothers family and one was adopted, he was a principal for TN Ballet and then designer, I really would like to see them, it’s been too long.”

I say, “Yeah way too long, they will be close by, hey, look she pulls up Facebook photos. What do you think about dressing them?” Sending him a link to their pages.

Abel sitting up straighter, “Dressing them?”

Black Beauty

I say, “It is the holiday season. What do you think about a show of your tailored clothes, Burberry overcoats, untucked shirts lean pants made with all those beautiful clothes a pop up show culminating the city lighting of the Bridges?”

Abel, “Your lights paving way to an art walk and then the stage to the show… fake snow blower…”

Me, “Reflective gold and platinum flakes reflects the light better”

Abel, “There are several bubbles for the final walk for the Drag Pageant because we are still in a pandemic, but the models will be dressed well and comfortably.”

Me, “I will set up a Venmo or PayPal space for appointments and orders. We may just land you in a whole different tax bracket before the end of the year.”

Abel, “We will make sure the walkers and the artists get a cut off the gross. I know Kevin is more a civil rights attorney, but I bet he won’t mind us make this legit.”

Me, “Like an art collective?”

Abel, “Yeah A Real Art Collab.”

Me, “We can pull this off?”

Abel, “Oh yeah secure the space I got everything else… “

Me, “Send me some links to some of your best creations with accessories and proposed fabrics we got to get a first look electronic book.”

Abel, “Oh that’s dope!!! Here you go…Send me a link and we can talk in 3 hours from the plane and go over everything.”

Me, “Yep sounds good. Look at you and your bougie booty calling me from the a dealer plane… Not like the hoop-tees we would borrow from the corner boys back in the day . And this is going to be so different than our janky Christmas plays and candy socials…”

Abel, “OMG. Leftover Halloween candy sticky ass candy canes.” We both laughing. “Yep all that was practice for this. If we pull it off, we really bought that smoke, and these bitches aint ready”

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