The Melanated Nerd…Is Better 365 days After The 2021 Riots. Now the Rest of Ya’ll…Girl

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I talk about Black and Brown Excellence, TN Eats and Music, Reading from my Sci-Fi Novel Listeners, General Fussing about TN–State of Hate and GOP Doubling Down on Stupid

It just seemed like that week of May 17th 2021, the GOP was sipping on that TN Whiskey all week…smh.


365 Days Post January 6th Riots…I really am in a better place.

I think you can question and demand the rights afforded to anyone else that lives in the US. And you can still be a Patriot or patriotic.

TNFro, A Patriot

But what you are not fittin’ to do, is lie and expect me to believe that to be truth, because I will fact check you. And you will not convince me that a bunch of moroons rushing up the Capitol steps, beating up the Capitol police, vandalizing the very halls of government that my 35% tax rate pays for were just protesting. Protesting what exactly? I am too lazy to riot anywhere, my knee hurts and I am lazy, so don’t ask. But I am also not insane. I am unwilling to force someone to see an alternate reality and support a lie. In certain parts of TN, I can get jacked up for wearing a Blacks Lives Matter T-shirt. I think you can question the government without wanting to completely subvert it. When I think of true patriots I think of John Lewis, Muriel Bowser, Elijah Cummings, and John McCain…not any of those MAGA fools.

Late John Lewis and Muriel Bowser

I am hopeful that people will calm down and admit there are gross inequalities and work to change that, gross economic inequalities work to change that, gross healthcare inequalities and work to change that. But don’t tell me ya’ll ran up on the Capitol threatening to kill former VP Pence and Rep. Pelosi and wanted to hold up the certification of the most secure election on the planet. You wanted chaos and order on your terms. The January 6th riots were the actions of cowards and seditionists and not Patriots. The former Sociopath in charge once called the Occupy Portland and BLM protestors(all peaceful) thugs and rioters, but your MAGA supporters Patriots when they do your bidding. You weaponized the Justice Department to do your bidding to actually attempt to steal an election while accusing the other side of doing the same. Shame on you and every GOP and moderate Democrat that won’t prosecute your punk butts to the highest level of the law and shut it down that you will go away never to return.

The threat to Democracy is falsehood, division, distrust, and cowardice. You correct those things we can find a way forward. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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