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I talk about COVID Shenanigans and Debunking Myths, I had a Guest Blogger, Vaccine Hesitancy in Asia , Watching…A weekend of Bond, James Bond. I also talk about Privilege and Entitlement and I also talk about Ally or Pandering and generally talk about what I am listening, eating and I do a reading from my Sci-Fi manuscript, Listeners.

Attack On Democracy…364 Days Later, Has Anything Changed?

We still in the Panorama Pro-V that drags on and on. Because we know what is right but we fail to do what was right. We still have public health recommendations that are a moving target. There is confusion from the top down, and we still have people willing to say and produce misleading information for Internet fame.

The one-year anniversary of a horrible and despicable event, January 6th riots, when we had a tyrant willing to allow an attack on the government to secure his own re-election to continue a deadly agenda of freedom reversal and dismantling our democracy. I am not willing to swing to an extreme side where I don’t trust anyone or anything or any public institution because if I’m going to remain here we have to figure this out and we got to get it to work.


I am even more proud to be an American, but I recognize the frailty of our system was exposed that day, and we are not immune to chaos. It is fixable but we must find a way forward together.

But we can’t move forward by minimizing the significance of those events and the lead up to the nonsense. I remember saying accountability by those that orchestrated it and to every willing participant. I remember distinctly saying I better see tear gas and batons flying to clear these fools out not knowing the Capitol Police were understaffed and ill equipped to handle it. And there is a suspicion that they may have been directed not to either to stall the response or to aide the rebellion. As we get closer to the inner sociopath’s closest associates, we are being stonewalled. Not surprised because of my basic understanding of a sociopath. They only are sorry if they get caught breaking the rules, because they don’t respect rules outside of their own impaired inner value system.

I would like to know the truth and will rest better if those that participated should pay to the fullest extent of the law. The preliminary reports have not revealed anything I already didn’t see with my own eyes and I will not be mislead by the GOP lawmakers that insist I ignore the truth and that I am too dumb to trust my own eyes, Get The F–k Outta Here with that -ish…

I am aggressively seeking joy and being kind to myself as to pay it forward on a daily.

Lean into the spirit of the New Year by counting your blessings, giving to others, and spreading happiness! I know I will! No table flipping over here…

Want to Table Flip, But Won’t

Using my energy elsewhere On my Grind, Dream, Hustle, Repeat…

It is the beginning of a New Year so be kind to your mind and others. Give love to receive love.

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