TNFro Is Reading…Podcasting Raging Against Willful Mediocrity

The extended notes are for my podcast on but I now subscribe to a service that going forward will be editing my Podcasts. This actually is my 4th Year as a Podcaster…

I spend so much time on social media and since my post with links so visual media tend to perform better, I thought I would expand this portion of my podcast as I perform a Social Media Roundup, Summary of My own post on my Dalesangels Inc Blog as well as commentary of favorite Instagram Posts and Lifestyle Shenanigans of Melanated and Non-melanated wanna-be.

#Ethel, my dog continues to outperform my #Ramen dishes

Ethel Owns Everything

I was so happy when the announcement for the Cast of The Color Purple The Musical Announced for 2023

Cast selection of Color Purple, The Musical

Black Excellence in Academia

At the height of my NASCAR interest, I remember reading about this young woman. The troubles her father had never getting sponsorships, her issues in securing a license, and only competing in a low-level race before parking after only 1 lap. I am still holding out hope that she will join the ranks of Bubba Wallace in storming the lily-white sport of #NASCAR

Tia Norfleet

All sci-fi and Marvel nerds owe gratitude to Dr. Valerie Thomas who invented 3D movies, I bet neither she nor NASA shares in the tremendous licensing this technology could afford.

Dr. Valerie Thomas

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