Happy Monday Morning! The Super Bowl 2022 Half-Time Was Lit!!

Ok the NFL with Jay-Zs backing delivered one of the most iconic and amazing half-time spectaculars!

Dope Music filled with Nostalgia from a time when I could actually move freely, knee-pain free!

Right up there with Michael Jackson, Prince…review the tapes and get back to me…I mean really, they were Crypt-walking on center field, I just can’t Bahahhahahah!

The NFL is forcing you to view it on You Tube Navigate there to see it in its entirety.

Ok, Michael Jackson, WOW!!

Michael Jackson, 1993 The NFL is on one

OMG Prince Singing Purple Rain in The Rain!!!

Ya’ll I don’t know…all 3 amazing for a variety of reasons…

The NFL seems to be doing the most as of late, but opening the show with Lift Every Voice and Sing with Mary Mary, marketing gold!! And just beautiful! But you better believe the NFL has blocked every bootleg rendition and forcing people to watch these performances on You Tube…

Mary Mary, Performs Lift Every Voice and Sing

Ok, soooo Whitney Houston vs Mickie Guyton? I just can’t even…amazing!!

Whitney Houston…She did it in that track suite!!

Whitney Houston, National Anthem 1991
Mickey Guyton, National Anthem 2022

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