Episode 270 Something…The Viola is Found, 90 Day Meltdown, Star Trek Snoozing, The Kamala Tests Positive, Republican 2 Faced Double Speak and Other Shenary


The Viola over there and such and there Bahahahah, Of course, I and my poop cherry tomatoes still be out country by the Viola!!!
90-Day-Fiance-Season-9-Cast.jpeg90-Day Fiance, Season 9 Most Hated Cast
What I’m watching— 90 day Kansas City Trap Houses and Black-Fishing, 1-Night Scoobie Snacks
Picard…Kind of a Snooze
COVID VP Harris tested positive
Doublespeak McCarty
Cawthorn Rep strapped through TSA, 9mm OMG
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Check out Dale’s Angels Inc Blog for notes from this episode and other subjects.
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