Quark’s Bar…Premium Content What The Wahala, Tho? Uncle Clifford Rule# 29,763 “Be careful who let through the dō, Cuz you can’t save every single hoe!!” 


My free time is my time, you better recognize…The actual episode will be added later…

I listen to trap music and admire the women and men of P-Valley for their confidence, survival, and bodies…Wowser!

Wahala by Nikki May (trouble in Nigerian Slang) More Lighter fare a Rom-Com, mystery, suspense Nollywood like. Isobel, very fair skinned and sociopath, infiltrates the other varying degrees of Anglo-Nigerian women, Boo, Simi, Roncke, seeking retribution on their balanced lives because she is bereft of feeling. They let her in so willingly believing her although the signs were clear. As in the words of Uncle Clifford from P-Valley,”Uncle Clifford Rule# 29,763 “Be careful who let through the dō, Cuz you can’t save every single hoe!!” That’s a word right there!!

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