Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Swearing In…I am taking a moment to smile!!

I wonder what are her thoughts as she is sworn into a court where the personal wills of the Justices above precedence and the constitution they are to uphold?

It’s not lost on me that the weight to uphold sanity of the Constitution lies squarely on the shoulders of these women. This 4th of July I pray for their health and strength because the assault on freedom and justice has just begun. These women are to be admired, honored and protected until a new balance can be struck.

Fascists or Conservatives, Is there a difference?

Chief Justice Roberts, tried to play middle of the road but the other 4 ultra-conservative fascists cannot or will not be led. Consider early retirement and taking another of your conservative colleagues with you, or we can wait for impeachment. Roe overturning and several other decisions are an embarrassment to your tenure, do you want to be remembered for the descent of law into fascism or the first multi calls to impeach several justices for dereliction of duty? It appears the conservative majority is playing fast and loose with impartiality, personal freedoms and constitutional law? Isn’t that right Overseer’s wife, Karen um err…Ginny Thomas?

The 10th Chief Justice, Ginny Thomas

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