TNFro Is Reading…Mid-Terms Elections Education

Yo! Free and open elections are threatened! TN

Do you know if your registration is up to date?

Do you know where to vote? Early Voting Starts July 15th in TN through July 30th

Ballotpedia is hooking me up…

TN Governor…Lee’s term is up, un-incumbered the other Republican candidates all disqualified.

Lots of Independents…side eye… No political experience.

This Democratic Candidate seems nice, practicing nurse and has no political experience, but that Sunday missionary hat is…very Black and interesting…

Carnita Atwater

But this brother…maybe Obama Adjacent, Memphis native, current council member, lawyer…

It appears that many judge positions are up for re-election primarily District 3 and District 27 US House of Representatives seats and several Ballot measures will be on the primaries and November 2022 elections. Independents are running for both seats, seems like very little political experience.

Exercise your right to vote, we do have a say. If you want experienced sane people to rep us, do your own research and GET OUT AND VOTE!! Our freedom depends on it!

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