Quark’s Bar…Strange New World, Lots of Loss from The ST World, Other Ratchedness, Will Smith Pile On

“The Lights are back on but it doesn’t mean we see clearly…” Number 1, Star Trek Strange New World

Enjoying Tequila Tuesday and singing to my dog…Don’t drink and Podcast…but it sure was fun!!

Rest In Power Nichelle Nichols…The Original Lt. Uhuru and I am obsessed with Uhuru 2.0, Celia Rose Gooding

Shame on me for not enjoying this show and meeting this cast before it wrapped for the season and renewed for Season 2!! Children of the Comet so far my favorite episode…

Children of The Comet, Episode 2 ST:Strange New Worlds

Sincere apology or Not? A broken Will Smith pleads for forgiveness…Chris not ready. The more I evaluate the slap and the immediate after actions, how much of that was drug or alcohol fueled or even mania?

No, this is not the the right way to handle disrespect or insults…Will Smith 2022 Apology

Chris’ Mom Opinion…

Racial biases against blond haired White women, trash humans, drug haze, can we stop the pile on?

The Smith family published their lives for the world, curated. Some of the backlash from this wild incident was not and maybe is why everyone seems to be so spun out. But at the end of the day, as long as they do the heavy work to get back to a safe and strong mental space, who are we to judge?

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