Dear Ms. Qa’Shontae You Doing The Most, Ray J Takes an I, and Doggy Dog Benny Will Have You Crying And Donating

She is doing the most, I think the judge waited too long to mute her. And, as soon as she said to a Judge please don’t insult my intelligence, girl I already knew you were stupid. Actually when I heard about this case and watched this brother, who dodged a bullet, hold and shake his head at this girl’s antics I felt she was un-hinged and unstable and needed Jesus. Why wasn’t she found in contempt?

The average person does not know, because I didn’t until this patient Judge defined it, so you can’t perjure yourself or commit perjury until you are sworn in and testify. The answers to some pre-trial questionnaire does not constitute perjury girl. If she had stopped yelling, she would have picked up on what the Judge was putting down. Sheez.

Watching Trash TV…College Hill Celebrity Edition

I love Big Freedia and NeNe! I l think both are so beautiful for different reasons and talented. But Ray J his plagiarizing truant behind…boy bye…He was doing the most during this series, but he was an interesting watch. Yes, there are no shortcuts in life, duh.

I am glad Stacy Dash left, her energy was all wrong. Big Slim was Salutatorian and was so open to this experience. OMG, Freddie Ross aka Big Freedia was VALEDICTORIAN!!! Yeah!!!!

Ray J on College Hill Shenanigans

Benny, The Shelter Dog. Blessed my soul this morning!

This shelter dog can’t hold back his emotions when he realizes he’s been adopted 😍 ******************************************* We Love Animals is a part of Newsner, a digital news platform. We tell inspiring and heartwarming stories from all around on the world. On We Love Animals we love all animals! We share stories to promote kindness and compassion toward animals. We share videos of fascinating wildlife to show you their beauty. We tell stories about wildlife rehabilitation, adoption, fostering, and rescue. Make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss any of our animal videos:

A hummingbird appeared to me today…Generally speaking, hummingbirds are symbols of lightness and joy. Those who have a hummingbird as a totem are thought to be playful, adaptable, and can combat negativity with ease. They also serve as good reminders to live life to the fullest and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Joy and Lightness

I wish everyone joy and peace! Keeping dreaming, hustle, repeat!

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