TNFro Is…With Queen Patti on #DrinkChamps and Others, Reading Dreams by Forever POTUS and Dealing With Regrets, Ratchedness Personified Kevin Gates, Watching Movies and TV

TNFro Is Reading Podcast Is back with a new Episode!

I said what I said!!!The Best In Classy Black Excellence Goes to Patti Labelle on Drink Champs! You will definitely buy your Sunday meal of Patty Cornbread, Kale, and Sweet Potato Pie or Cobbler from Walmart, and It will bang!!

Also, The OMG/WTF Gold Roses Make An Everlasting and Fun Present!

This interview washes your mind clean from trash interviews like Kevin Gates and them…

Ambassador Andrew Young and daughter on CBS Mornings…Best Way To Fight Racism is to Focus on the finish line and don’t get mad get smart…Ambassador Andrew Young

Hip Hop Festival…Saturday, August 6 2022 in Queens Rock the Bells!!

Sincere apology or Not? A broken Will Smith pleads for forgiveness…Chris not ready.

The more I evaluate the slap and the immediate after actions, how much of that was drug or alcohol fueled or even mania? I feel some people were supposedly so hurt by Will’s actions that no apology would ever be sufficient, and this apology was not for you. I am not sure if Will wrote this or a publicist but it was relatable and believable. The meaning of “feelings of disrespect”, being fogged out, apologies to former friend Tony Rock and to Questlove, all felt genuine all intentional. There were no double meanings and this was beautifully said. I feel that…the beef between Will and Chris will be handled in private, and it is ok for them to let me and the rest of us in on details if they want to. I make no excuse for his actions or the validity of his actions, but as to his perceived disrespect of Jada Smith, I am going to use Chris Rock’s own words,”I am not saying he should have did it, but I understand.”

TNFro Is Reading The Additions to Far From Beale St Books….

Dreams of My Father puts into focus how true dreams are transferred from parents to their children and the responsibility of children to live out those dreams or pursue and sometimes fail and be allowed to do so. Allowing children to experience different people from all walks of life is how you build well rounded and personable people, instead of frightened untrusting hermits like myself. Something through therapy I wish to address.

Massive Donkey of The Day Goes to Simone Gold M.D. (Massive Donkey)

Simone Gold starts her 60-day sentence in federal prison for Jan 6 Riot, trespassing, and failing to render aide to a fallen Capitol police officer.

Kevin Gates Ratchedness…I cringe when this dude says anything, but I still keep watching…

And more Ratched Quotables, but not life lessons…DO NOT TRY THIS AT Home!!

TNFRO IS Watching…P-Valley, Batgirl Shelved, Strange New World

Not Ready For Retirement…Dream New Dreams

Quark’s Bar Ruminations

More Watching Singing to My Dog…You should not Drink Tequila and Podcast commenting on Batgirl Cancellation and Strange New World.

Listen To Music And Dance Like a Beyonce Back Up Dancer, LIke No One is Watching!!

I  used to scoff at people making this statement. Maybe because of its simplicity or because it sounded more like admonishing that I was being everything but kind. But then, when I started investigating it for myself, I realized that I was confusing politeness with kindness. Politeness is a fake, superficial manner that requires no investment and no self-reflection. But being kind is an adjective,  it is an action. If you are kind to yourself first, it’s like exercise memory you will continue and will be kind to others.  Let that sit with you for a while.  I am being kind to myself.  I’ll be kind to others. Very simple. Repeat. 

Lean into the spirit of the New Year by counting your blessings, giving to others, and spreading happiness! I know I will!

It is the beginning of a New Year so be kind to your mind and others. Give love to receive love.

We are not alone, and someone is pulling for you! The new National Suicide Hotline and Addiction Hotline is…988

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours.

Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more

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