Quarks Bar…More Ratchet TV Watching PValley Spoilers…No More Bust Downs, On To New Dreams, 90 Day Shenanigans, and Another Dog Will Make You Smile

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Why do I love P-Valley, let me count the ways…

Welcome news…no updates on the trial for copyright infringement against Katori Hall and Lionsgate, but a 3rd season premieres August of 2023! Fingers crossed.

I think Roulette should go on the road with now Big Murda she is fresh outta f**cks to give and is a crazy addition to this season.

This is from Episode…a bit bootleg, but his funeral or death does start a war between Hurt Village Hustlers and Mane’s Shooters.

From Perpetratin’ Trap Rapper to Big Murda

Now Big Murda, transformed as he unloads an AK into Pico’s chest. Just like he looked so good with Keyshawn, he is getting ready to glow up with Tina Snow.

Second Chances Are Rarer than Snow in Mississippi! Tina Snow, played beautifully by Meghan Thee Stallion. Will this be the anthem for Mercedes Legend Ball debut?? Or an entire trap album dedicated to this gravity defying exotic dancer?

And Mane’s Body Is…It’s Just Is!

Mane Poet Gangbanger, played by Thomas Jones, former Chicago Bear

All of these characters, Hailey Keshia Savage Night, Andre, Uncle Clifford, Corbin Kyle even Patrice are getting ready to jack up their blessings chasing their own separate greedy. But the opening scene “Scrippa Magic” and Patrice Woodbine on The Pole, OMG!!! Bahahahah!!!

Whisper, predicting twins for Haile Lakeisha Savage midnight and leasing instead of selling outright…

Mercedes, turning weakness into strength at the Real Mercedes Experience Art Installation Looking like a superhero!

Brandy Evans as Mercedes, Superhero is Stripper Floss

Big L taking one for the team avoiding the Health Inspector…and why is Toy’s COVID Contagion behind “sniffly bitch” thinking she was going to dance at the Pynck after surely giving Ms. Ernestine COVID? Also, Uncle Clifford on one firing Big L who really knows where all the bodies.

Ho’s Up Gs Down…loved the entrance with Tina Snow and Big Murda!!! Eeeowww!!

Collective Donkeys
Karens From Everywhere Doing The Most In Court…Don’t Interrupt, Crocodile Tears after causing a wreck while drunk, and Come to Court High on Xanax

90 Day Shenanigans…The Ultimate Controlling Karen, Emily, Is so stupid, Withdrawal Method and Kobe trusting her ability to track her fertile period, he has way to much faith in this stupid girl.

Also, her forcing him to keep quiet on this pregnancy was despicable, her sister hit it right on the head calling out her selfishness.

Her lack of concern about the stress placed on her parents and even Madeline. The depth of her stupidity, controlling, selfishness shows no bottom.

Beautiful wedding but Bilal is still gaslighting this girl

Beautiful Ceremony, and the word on the streets is they will be appearing in 90 Day Happily Ever After

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