Quark’s Bar P-Valley Special…Booty Poppin’ Twerkin’ Mayor Bishop Woodbine, Mayor of Chucalissa…She Stay Doing the Most And the Indictment of All the -Isms.

7 Pounds of Pressure, 7 pounds of mf pressure All it takes just a second...

Quark’s Bar Popular Culture P-Valley Obsession

Uncle Clifford Rules Apply to Life outside the Pynck!! https://youtu.be/d9isVvVypZU Ok First, How did #MarcDarkTV get this sneak peek of Episode 8? https://youtu.be/3ZxbC7VUGLs Yooo!!! Mercedes Jumps Man Maybe??? https://poll.fm/11167397 What else can we expect from Episode 8? https://youtu.be/QC2IwoDxV0E Will Lil' Murda finally admit his love during primetime hours or will he conform to a warped … Continue reading Quark’s Bar Popular Culture P-Valley Obsession