Quark’s Bar P-Valley Special…Booty Poppin’ Twerkin’ Mayor Bishop Woodbine, Mayor of Chucalissa…She Stay Doing the Most And the Indictment of All the -Isms.

Social Media Highlights Live Tweet During Season Finale

I remember bouncing like crazy and rewind and playing again!! The new season is supposed to drop August 2023, I will be re-watching and posting differing perspectives.

This was his confession to Pico’s murder and also of #Mercedes Paradise room confession, and 7 lbs removed from her shoulder. Also, this is an indictment of rampant -ism hyper-masculism, racism, hyper-capitalism. Also, if we do some forensic accounting -ish, how much of that “booty” money has financed not only the Pycnk but the Black community in general? From the fraudulent church fund prop up, the down payment on Bishop Woodbines church, the beauty supply and nail shops, food, childcare…

The Evolution of Mercedes, and Terricka’s fast behind…Mercedes smart, wanting to let Mane’s and his shooters know, this is my daughter…hand’s off or get dealt with…

Pastor Woodbine took a page from Mercedes playbook and twerked her way into the Mayor’s office. But what of her hyper-zealot rise in her own church and ordaining herself, like a Black Napoleon, the equivalent of Emperor, Bishop? This feel like an indictment of the hypocrisy that exists in the Black church. They side eye you for doing the sex-work or dancing, but they take that money gladly.

Andre may have to rep Lil’ Murda in Pico’s Murder He admitted as much on his performance. But the song is dope! Please navigate to iTunes and stream this song to #1 from the non-rapper J. Alphonse Nicholson!!

Ms. Ernestine lives! She has the biggest players ball ever! I am obsessed with the character arc of the character Lil’ Murda. Just like actors from Snowfall, the Wire the Emmys or hypocritical BET may never give him his roses, but his crazy fans like myself feel he is acting his ass off!! And we are here for it. And why hypocritical BET, because of his portrayal of masculine gay character may negate him from getting any accolades, and if we believe our national treasure, the best troll on the net, Lil’ Nas X, they have a thing against rewarding excellence of gay men.

Derrick and Keyshawn’s Mother and That Big Butt Big Bone Need to come up Missing In Their own mirrors..racism, colorism, and abuse of black women. The scene when Keyshawn finally unloads on that smirking Derrick only to be held down by the white cop was triggering for me as a Black woman, and it didn’t have to happen because again her jealous crab stepmother hates her for her beauty. The hatred is so ingrained that she calls Derrick and puts her step-grandchildren in harm’s way, what kind of monster does that? Also, Big-Bone a broke fake-Meghan Thee Stallion, still dedicated to Delta Devoted being on task, used but expendable, trust Diamond does not die easily, he has some Black Magic i-Ish backing him.

I am hopeful for successive seasons and Lionsgate and Starz allowing the styling and writing that has made this cultural phenomena to continue. No as yet, no advertisement from Starz, but I recommend subscribing immediately if only to watch and rewatch this show.

I said what I said. And that’s it.

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