Quark’s Bar Popular Culture P-Valley Obsession

Uncle Clifford Rules Apply to Life outside the Pynck!!

Ok First, How did #MarcDarkTV get this sneak peek of Episode 8?

Yooo!!! Mercedes Jumps Man Maybe???

What else can we expect from Episode 8?

Will Lil’ Murda finally admit his love during primetime hours or will he conform to a warped society construct of acceptable masculinity?

The casino will go forward or will corruption and old rivalries derail the whole operation?

Who will cap Ritchie Not Rich Derrick? Hailey, Keyshawn, or Diamond?

How will they finesse Autumn to get the deal done? Why can’t the Pynck still exist?

Will Corbin double cross Andre, but still get got? Will Patrice Woodbine through in with Andre or vice versa?

The headliners for the Re-Re-Re Opening are Roulette and Whisper, will Roulette make it? What about Rico, will Lil’ Murda get or just shot

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