Donkey(s) of The Day…Everybody And Anybody Can Be Donkey of The Day: Kim Burrell and TD Jakes

The only criteria to make it to being Donkey of the Day, is doing something stupid or saying something stupid while being recorded.

Donkey of The Day

And these 2 individuals, need to be ashamed of themselves and are being appropriately dragged on social media.

Kim Burrell, Gospel Music Royalty, still doesn’t give you license to drag broke people for being broke? You were supposed to just sing, and you went on some tired comedic riff…I just can’t girl. Just sang the song and keep it pushing…

Your apologies were whacked and not sincere…

Girl I call BS, and you will be dragged more. You are a woman of God do better.

Bishop Jakes, with all due respect…I have ridden with you since 1996 and paid my tithes faithfully for years, but what happened to Woman Thou Are Loose and Girl Boss Women Empowerment message? What happened? Why are you dialing it back now?

“Sin comes in when we break the sociologic order…We are raising up women to be men… Stop bragging about how much you don’t need me and then wonder why I shy away”

Ok ya’ll stupid…B

Ok, ya’ll stupid…BAHHAHHAAH

Yeah, he really said that, review the tapes. He said what he said and I doubt a sincere apology is forthcoming. Also, the T is his people would only grant phone interviews after a photo of the journalist was submitted and they were deemed pretty enough so Bishop Jakes could visualize…I hope this is not true, but this misogynistic message kind of got me giving you the side eye…this may have a whisper of truth.

Classic Side Eye

But I am glad I worship and follow the message and not the man.

So are you taking Kevin Samuel’s place?

I don’t think any of these statements from these 2 were of God…all Kim and Thomas…

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