TNFro Is Reading Dreams from Forever #POTUS, Watching Ratchet TV, and Working on her Glow-up

My Glow Up For Real!!

10,000 Downloads, Let’s Go!!!

I see you Czech Republic, UK, Germany…I see you and thanks for downloading!!

US Department of Justice and NY Attorney General Are Like Usher and going…

Celebrating Black Excellence…States Attorney Leticia James and G.O.A.T. Serena Williams and Olympia

Dreams marveled out his transition through political life was etched on his face through the years.

P-Valley Finale…Just Wow! I seriously need Derrick to be missing in his own mirror…

Collective Donkeys: I made the mistake of watching the news way too long. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the hosts of CBS morning news; Gayle, Nate, Tony, not necessarily in that order. I think these newscasters and the shows do more gaslighting than reporting actual news. But what it did get me up and to start creating my post for today, and also giving me an entire segment for my podcast, Donkey of the Day.

There appears to be a collective donkey-ness going on in the United States at this time. I’m going to give a collective shout out and he Eey-ore to every Trump supporter and every two-faced Republican that appear to rally around a cheater, liar, sociopath. Greg Abbott adding human trafficking to his resume.

And Karens being Karen…White privilege gone wrong.

North Royalton, Ohio — Police with the NRPD noticed a female who was “drunk-like” and that “her shift was loose”. Same chick wilding out at grocery store when she was arrested for trespassing and refusing to wear a mask.

Trashy TV…Watching Love and Hip Hop, and the Miami Iteration Messiest of them all.

90 Day Fiance’ US and UK…awful couples or awful scenarios cobbled together for the sake of ratings…a bit of both.


Emily, Bilal, Ari, Black Fishing Oh My…


I don’t know who is least well suited?

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