Side-Eye Side Bar…Donkey(s) Of The Day

Today I made the mistake of watching the news way too long. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the hosts of CBS morning news; Gayle, Nate, Tony, not necessarily in that order. I think these newscasters and the shows do more gaslighting than reporting actual news. But what it did get me up and to start creating my post for today, and also giving me an entire segment for my podcast, Donkey of the Day.

There appears to be a collective donkey-ness going on in the United States at this time. I’m going to give a collective shout out and he Eey-ore to every Trump supporter and every two-faced Republican that appear to rally around a cheater, liar, sociopath.

What exactly am I talking about? The former occupant of the White House is being deposed for his part in his companies financial malfeasance as well as a search warrant executed by the F-B and the I. Justice in both instances to me looks like him being led away and his coked out sons being led away in handcuffs. Threatening political retaliation for not supporting a criminal, I just can’t with ya’ll.

You delusional mouth-breathers, you can’t take classified documents to your house for any purpose!! Don’t sit on the soft-spoken justice department and US attorney Garland.You forget about Hillary-Gate, and her unsecured email server, that Chump ranted about all during his campaign. This current US Justice Department has been silently and methodically doing their job with no distractions, it won’t become apparent until they go to trial. Why mess up your evidence? Why taint your jury pool by releasing information? Court trials don’t work that way. Even though I despise any Republican at this point, and do-nothing Democrats, but I do agree with overseer Tim Scott saying don’t jump to any conclusions and wait on the evidence. I think a lot of people said that about tricky Dick Nixon too and he had to resign and the only reason why he didn’t get brought up on charges is because stupid ass Ford pardoned him to protect the US from a long drawn out trial, what kind of ridiculousness is this?

We’ve noted allegations of tax fraud for years and supported by his own niece. We also have noted his complacency in the January 6 riot. No Jan 6th was not a protest, it was an insurrection and all of them should’ve been brought up on charges of treason. But he sat there and did nothing looking at the ratings probably trying to call his people to get the Nielsen score on the coverage of those fools rushing up those steps. I suspect guilt, nothing in the former occupant of the White House’s history with his company and general actions in his career leaves me personally little doubt of his innocence. And I don’t think the justice department in their current actions of litigating violation of civil rights, investigating insurrections and bringing appropriate charges, is not political weaponization, it is that branch of the government doing their job. But less flip the script when you try to order the US attorneys to send in black shirts to bust up Black Lives Matter protests, to break up occupy movements in Seattle or try to get US marshals to seize voting machines that is Weaponizing the justice department. You can cry fraud and unmotivated attacks on the Justice Department when they actually are doing their job just because if it is not to your benefit. That’s an immature toddler mess.

And this Greg Abbott nonsense, shipping 6600 migrants to New York City and Washington DC as a protest to Joe Biden’s or this current administrations migrant policies? Firstly, did you know he was in a wheelchair after a tree fell on him when he was 26 years old? I had no idea. But evidently donkeys can be in wheelchairs too… But I digress.

I just want to make clear, I am not a civil rights attorney, and I am not a migrant rights attorney. I am a pediatrician perpetrating as an IT specialist and podcaster with a big mouth and a lot to say. Doesn’t this Jackass know he may be breaking federal law when he ordered the round up detainment and shipping these people across state lines? It’s called human trafficking bitch! The recruitment harboring transportation provision or obtaining of a person for labor or services through use of force fraud or coercion subject to involuntary servitude debt Vonage peonage or slavery. When you force these people onto the bus to go to New York to go to DC, when that is not their final destination because they have no contacts or no family there just because you’re trying to prove a point, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself! Because you may be running up against federal charges trying to be funny and prove a point that you just stupid and you have no understanding of the law. And me and my small brain I get it.

Why would you subject these people of the stress of a trip while passing the buck and strain to someone else in all ready overburden cities with your dumbness? I can’t make sense out of nonsense. I can only ask the question and then sit back and wait for the fireworks because it’s not over. US Attorney Garland and his staff are like Usher…

Justice Department Be Like…

Don’t mistake the justice department silence for fear or inaction because we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I can only anticipate more federal charges. Again, they are finally doing their job.

I said what I said, and that’s all I got to say.

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