TNFro Wants Her Daddy’s Records…A Donkey and A Coward and other musings in quarantine.

Today we come closer to peace and closure…a coward goes to the grand jury next.

From the Virginia Pilot

“Beale previously admitted in an interview with media to killing his girlfriend, a father figure and cousin in separate incidents in March.

C. R. Jachimiak, a Virginia Beach Police Department detective, said Beale confessed to shooting his girlfriend, 31-year-old Czavi’er Hill, and his father figure, 73-year-old Clifton Baxter.

“He was very matter of fact,” Jachimiak said. “He wanted to get the story off his chest.”

Baxter, who helped raise Beale, was found dead from a gunshot wound in his Virginia Beach home March 25. Downing D. Mclean, Beale’s 32-year-old cousin, was found dead March 29 in Norfolk.

Beale is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and one count of arson in Virginia Beach. He is accused with shooting Hill to death following an argument and then setting her house on fire. “

The details of my father’s and Ms. Hill death are stuff of nightmares. If he would take a plea and end the madness, this could all go away, but being a true narcissist he will still his time in the sun as if he has done something so glorious. It is ridiculous. Just another punk wasting the state’s time.

I blame him for the pull back to Virginia to assist in the chaos of settling my father’s not extensive estate without a will getting heirs names, separating property…dealing with slimy relatives and getting to know siblings as an adult.

I blame him for revelation of serious illness and then exposure and contracting deadly RONA…sum-of-a-beesh…I really didn’t want to test the efficacy of Fauci recommended Pfizer vaccine or even approved Paxlovid…did you know it is 2 medications?


Ritonavir, used in HIV patients to boost levels of other medications and nirmatrelvir, an antiviral that works to inhibit an enzyme the virus uses to make copies of itself….Freakin’ coward, 3 days into therapy and I am still very positive…

Government stops shipping free tests Friday, so order up!

remember AIDs ya’ll? Do you know it is still a felony in some places to knowingly expose someone to HIV and it too is possibly on the rise? I know I wouldn’t have been out in those streets or back in Virginia Beach for much of anything if it not for the memorial and estate settlement. I feel lucky to have inherited the original pressings of every Prince album and Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Off the Wall Albums. That can be good or bad I guess.

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