TNFro is Glowing Up, @Quark’s Bar, Fussing About The Cowboys, Writing Goals NaNoWriMo 2022, Middle Age Dating-Too Soon To Be On Dating Apps, GA/FL Punked Us In The Midterms, Ratched TV Watching and Podcast Listening

My Glow Up For Real! 60K Downloads! 100K Here I Come! @Podbean. It wasn’t so long ago, like 4 months ago I was stuck at a measly 3k downloads…how ya like me now?

I see you Australia, OH, AZ, CA, Utah, AZ, IL!! Thank you for listening!!

My re-re-write of Black Woman Down Is Complete and Entered and in consideration for Atlanta Film Festival and Script Pipeline!! Writing is What’s Up!!

NanoWriMo Is Midway!!! Woot!!

What are your writing goals for this month? I plan on beefing up Black Woman Down, but I am also planning a TV Pilot vs Feature Film on my screenplay that I started in January of this year initially titled, “No One Is Checking for Us”, about a serial killer of Trans-women and sex workers in Memphis TN, who is decorated Black policeman, taken down by trans-female PI, of the Lady Pinkertons. I think it is going to be dope! I foresee Laverne Cox as the Lady Pinkerton and Billy Porter reporting the missing Angel Herrera character…

New Episode Published on Podbean or wherever you listen to my Podcast!

TNFro Is Reading…Countdown to Season Finale, Glow Up, Woke History: Racist Met Opera, Pop Culture, Real T Unreality TV feliciabaxter

All good things must come to an end…my passion project hasn't started to pay for itself. You can have dope content, but people will not pay for anything they can get for free. And Bay-bee, I-DON'T-DO Free! The last Spanish Language opera played at the Met but was sung in Italian was in 1923…so it took the Met 100 years to not only use another Romantic Language but also have another diva of color to perform…They just stopped using Black Face Makeup in 2017… ecome a Melanated Nerd on Podbean or Patreon by clicking to subscribe and listen to all Premium content; the window closes soon on available Episodes across most platforms! Check out the Previous Show Clips on TNFroisReading YouTube Channel @akrapheal  @Lettucegrow Get into it use code: FRIEND-YFO35A for percentage off your first order Navigate to Gurneys   CLICK HERE! Offer Code: 0575825
  1. TNFro Is Reading…Countdown to Season Finale, Glow Up, Woke History: Racist Met Opera, Pop Culture, Real T Unreality TV
  2. Bonus Episode: Fro’s In Space and other Space Celebrations, Drinking and Eating, Cowboys Win! AHSOKA Chapter 5 Commentary
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  4. Bonus Episode: Monetization of Space, From Farmstand to My Belly, Jerry Troubles in ’Shop Talk, Ahoska Chapter 4
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Side Eye To The Offensive Coordinator of the Cowboys

This week for the Cowboys, so we lose in OT to the trash Packers and the team formerly known as the Deadskins beat the once-undefeated Screagles on the road…is this upside-down world or what?

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I am determined to get out amongst people and celebrate the restaurants and general places grown out of the Black-owned TV franchises right down the road from me in Chatt, and why not? But it was more than pure gluttony…well mostly gluttony while in ATL. I had time to reflect inclusion and socioeconomic disparity in one of the richest cities in the South.

I’m still hopeful for a possible teaser about maybe a cameo in the upcoming movie? That would be super dope!! Still have not seen Wakanda forever, waiting until I go back to VA in December, let’s do this!!

Black Panther

Everyone look fabulous on the Red Carpet at the London Premiere…

Tales from Reddit and Medium …Dating and Romance Over 50 (I do not vouch for the validity of these tales but if you have something wilder hit me up at

Just because you’re not getting it(sex) doesn’t mean you don’t want it…Ex-Real Housewife of nowhere Dorinda.

I date like I invest. I am risk averse, so I don’t invest as much, and I don’t date. Felicia Baxter, TNFro 2022

2 weeks and you just filed for divorce is way too soon to be on dating apps…

Reddit Thread #DatingOver40 is Lit! The comments are everything…Everyone agrees go to Talkspace or in-person therapy, not a dating app girl…

Vote Like Your Life Depends on It!! Check your voter registration by clicking the link Vote Like Your Life Depends On It!

GA, Your only Options are The Stacy for Governor…This is from 2020 and explains why I so admire her…

Shamelessly screenshot from her FB page…(Command-Shift-4 on a Mac…gangsta!)

and Rev. Warnock…Yes, GA punked us, and re-elected that inept Kemp because she is too strong, too free, and way too qualified. And forced the Rev. Warnock into a runoff.

And Val Demings lost to clueless Rubio…serious FL-Man sich.

Baxt-it 2024 is on!!! The New South is a farce, this is still the Dirty South and all these racists and Karen’s are not ready and will never be ready for that realness. No cap.

Donkeys, Kardashian Followers, Really Kanye…And why we all should be concerned about Donda West’s only child…

Farrakhan, known to espouse anti-semitic rhetoric and hate speech, capping for stars making anti-semitic statements. Very Farrakhan, and very opportunistic. Ye and Kiree are not being persecuted they are being stupid. Who really is being persecuted is Brittney, sent to a penal colony for a cartridge of CBD oil? She got more time than all the rappers on Love and HIp hop for trafficking kilos of that stuff,

Social Media Round Up

#FREEBRITTANY…Gallery only of her in her glory, not behind bars.

Movies and Ratched TV Watching

Starz Announced 3rd Season of P-Valley(finally)…Who else misses the Pynck? When is the coffee Table book of Mercedes OG by Farrah? The Pynk’s PR Intern updated me and said it’s coming…But Ya’ll have to watch J. Alphonse get litty in a bitty in KC!!!

RHOP reads, Thirst Trap and Soldier Boys, 90 Day HEA

Bisexual Wives and Husbands and All Around Shadiness…Dr. Wendy is condescending and shady

Real Housewives Potomac was not like watching paint dry…Robyn is so petty…

Wendy and Robyn’s beef and the Burn Session. Very polite no chair throwing, but still shady…

Lil’ Scrappy has had it with Mama Dee’s shenanigans and meddling…I’m not saying he should have said it but I understand…


Why is this relationship so cringy? This dusty thirst old broad, Kimberly from San Diego…oh girl. Get some water you are desperately thirst. But Soulja Boy’s mama’s face is classic.

Off show shenanigans more interesting, but when a couple is hustling for success, it is a beautiful thing! The original production showed the awkwardness of their relationship, but their testimony and representation of themselves on their youtube channel, was a breath of fresh air from that hag, Angela and Michael as well as Shaeda and Bilal’s abusive relationships, just sayin’.

Planning For Thanksgiving…Food, Cowboys, and Movies…I ordered from Chesapeake Bay and then realized most of the catalogues use the same stock photos…I wonder if they are supplied from same manufacturer.

Planned Parenthood Is Not a Safe Place for Black and Brown Woman…there are alternate organizations, like Plan C that are about that life…truly inclusive and safe for African American Woman, not just allies.

Plan C is a public health meets creative campaign, started in 2015 by a small but mighty team of veteran public health advocates, researchers, social justice activists and digital strategists.

Plan C transforms access to abortion in the US by normalizing the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail.

Our Vision: A near future in which the ability to end an early pregnancy is directly in the hands of anyone who needs it.

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