TNFro Is Reading…Observations From The Edge

Why observations from the edge?

Well, I can tolerate only the first 90 seconds of the news. I stopped watching the news continuously because it was so traumatic during the 2020 election cycle. Then I went on definite pause after those MAGA-Fools rioted on January 6 . I refused to watch the committee hearings because I thought I had had enough at watching the events of that day unfold live, yeah I’m good. Between the 5 newspapers I subscribe to [shout to my homie Eddie White] I can digest and reflect on enough info as to not be triggered, but take opportunities to throw shade because that makes me happy.

TN Weather Reminds Me of London 2012

Dude, I haven’t been to Europe since 2012?? What happened to me? Anyways, the weather in Tennessee is very interesting it’s recording at a whopping 30° after being 80 up until last week. But 30 degrees for a fat girl in menopause, with a little dog, it’s not so bad.

I have a whole pool outside that I’m trying to get the temperature of the water up so I can actually enjoy that saltwater pool over my achy joints. But it’s freakin’ winter in TN, I am looking into those burkini’s full coverage to swim without the death grip from a wetsuit to cut yourself out The idea of leaving my house, walking outside, the pool is outside, even though it’s heated, I just can’t deal with freezing to get in and freezing to get out. I just wish that entire back was closed in.

Annoyances from this Side of Barton Ave…Weed Toking Neighbors

This is a warning to my neighbors up here on this side of Barton Avenue. What can you expect on the newer, non McMansion side of Barton Ave on the Northside? My house is 100 years old, but there are older and bigger houses on the other side of Barton. Weed is still illegal in TN, there are no skunks that have been sighted recently in our area that funky scent is weed. So if you think you just wanted to blaze up before you go to work, the breeze changed direction and that scent carries all over the neighborhood just so y’all know. Does Febreeze take the scent out of uniforms?

Fascist Leaning, Enemies of State Republicans, K. McCarthey is no John Boehner

I only checked the results of the 11th District for the State House of Tennessee because I refused to vote for that Republican, and I wrote myself in, and wanted to make sure I didn’t have a new job. It was announced that the fascist leaning, enemies of the state, Republicans have taken over the US House and Kevin McCarthy who is no John Boehner, the previous Republican speaker of the House. This mealy mouth weakling, was in meeting during, Nancy Pelosi announcing she will step down and will not seek Senate minority seat. He was in meetings, with who? Everyone was in the chambers! I guess he felt comfortable looking like a wuss, but he can take a page from her playbook in throwing shade…

I don’t feel safe with a party that has in its ranks the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and many other fascist, election denier crazy people. It is not safe for people like me or that look like me. I have major concerns about 2024. I may have to re-book my tickets and make arrangements to get the ham sandwich out because that election cycle is going to be even more of a doozy than 2020.

Terror on a Bus…UVa Shooting

I am just heartbroken with many people originally from VA. I grew up in Virginia Beach, and I graduated from Mary Washington College which was the sister girl school of the University of Virginia.

A group of kids as part of a Black studies program, we’re coming back from a play in DC and Christopher Darnell Jones opens fire on the bus. This guy also had some issues with weapons charges in 2021 but still was allowed back into school? And then he felt compelled to bring a weapon on a field trip for what reason? Payback because he got cut from the football team? To settle some disrespect?

I can’t watch these newscasters with their fake tears and fake concerns. Because they can’t convey the sense of lose, and the failure to protect are kids from senseless gun violence. The world will never know and celebrate their talent, their lives cut tragically short.

Dear Twitter, Ya’ll Trippin’. I’m Moving to Discord.

Why can’t Elon go through his mid-life crisis and leave the rest of us out of it? This last voluntary exodus leaves gapping holes in the security of the platform, seems ripe for being hacked. The people left obviously don’t have the skill set to keep this billion dollar blunder safe. Are you setting up for a multi-billion dollar tax charge? Wow, will need to get on #discord with a quickness watching the dust settle.

NaNoWriMo 2022…We are at the half

I overshot my minimum word count for NaNoWriMo by 4500!! I finished the rewrite of They Don’t See us now In Plain Sight and submitted it for consideration for Barnstorm 2022 and International Screenplay Emerging Writers…I will keep you updated!

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