TNFro Short Clips and President Zelenskyy’s DC Visit

Yesterday was a historic day in government as a surprise visit by President Zelenskyy’s addressing the nation and initially say join news conference and then the joint session of Congress.

The first thing I noticed being the girl that I am is he came in white I now know are his military greens. A friend of mine remarked he is really casually dressed but then I realize that he actually just came from the front lines in the Donbas region of Ukraine and got on a plane and flew to the United States. He definitely looked to be a fluffier albeit haunted version of himself from the picture featured image, but it would’ve been inappropriate of him to show up in Hugo boss.

Russia invaded his country and over the last 300 days continue to bombard harass the Ukrainian people who simply just want to exist. He made it clear that he and his country are grateful and contrary to the snide remarks from the extreme right, our support is not a handout or charity but it’s an investment in the continued stability of democracy in the free world. For all intents and purposes Putin put the Ukrainian president on notice as far back as 2019 that his intent was to take over the country or that Ukraine what’s going to become a puppet state for Russia in his quest to re-create the USSR. I firmly believe if it had not been for the pandemic and the retraction of the world market that’s exactly what would’ve happened, but look at God!

Joint Press conference White House

I was in tears towards the end of his address to the joint sessions of congress for a number of reasons. First I’m a Virgo, let’s just put it out there and I was doing the most. But I was struck by how straight and how strong he walked into that session. How clear his message was an in spite of the fakery shown on some of the faces of the GOP, he still got his point across. He made it clear that he and the people of Ukraine are grateful thank the US and the world for our support. And please continue to support us because this is a war the world cannot afford to lose. And you can’t come at it half ass, you’re gonna have to come correct. This is giving Ukraine the Patriot Defense system. This is continuing to supply artillery. This is continued allowing Ukraine to buy the tools necessary to rebuild the infrastructure that Russia continues to bombard. I love the warm welcome that president vice president Kamala Harris and former speaker of the house Pelosi showed him and I was completely overwhelmed with the presentation of the Ukrainian sign Ukrainian flag. The whole thing was just historical and it felt it felt that we’re on the cusp or something and I hope on the cusp of something good. I also realize that we could not have had this type of moment if the previous administration or any of those people were involved, and his presence made me even more grateful for freedom.

I saw gratitude, grace, and strength, rare in this world of shady politics. I was moved by his speech and will continue to support Ukraine to exist. What are your reactions to the speeches? Leave a reply below or send to if not trolley will read on my Podcast.

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