TNFro Short Clips…Have We Forgotten About Fentanyl?

Opioid Addiction Does Not Discriminate…

Dr. Jackson Story, as told by her sister, Katrice Holloway, the Federal Probation Officer…What the?!?!

1,027,157 views • Dec 8, 2022
A story of one family’s loss to fentanyl poisoning, recorded during the DEA Family Summit on Opioid Overdose and Fentanyl Poisoning

She had the education, she was a Ph.D., she was a minister, and she knew the word, but it could not save her. Her issues started with a knee injury and could not get more pain pills so she turned to the street to get her pain relief the drugs were contaminated with Fentanyl, a dangerous potent opioid that has taken thousands of lives in the past few years.

Fentanyl, ETOH, Xanax, and Hydrocodone, were all found in her system. Death caused by suffocation…actually wooden chest, inability to manually expand the chest kind of like the chest muscle is frozen, is a side effect of Fentanyl, possibly suffocating the surgical patient or a overdose victim, in this case to death.

The value of talking about addiction openly and without accusation cannot be underestimated. Check on your relatives, ask for truthful responses on the mental health well being!

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