TNFro Observations From the Edge…What is too needy in texting?

I am part of this generation, having bought my first brick of a phone, but was still cool because it had that plastic flip thing that did nothing. I learned to text via Twitter in its early days.

Never did I know that now in this online dating world entire experiences or relationships are via tone-deaf texting. Who thought this -ish up? And apparently, there are rules as to when and how long to text. It is just so confusing…

It makes perfect sense to me that if you can’t verbally or even write or type your needs or express your emotions, then what are you doing in the relationship? Evidently, scammers have inserted themselves into the conversation, so you have to beware…

The heroes and the bosses have the strength to move on, it seems like Fab_enigma07 will have to also.

What are some red flags other than communication difficulty, the reader has experienced in relationships? Send comments below or to

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