TNFro Is Watching Not So Reality TV and Remixing Shady Lyrics to the Brady Bunch

It takes a lot to get me to stop watching these trash Reality Shows, but seeing her crocodile tears and the more she denied…I was like, girl, you lyin’.

And the only reason your Karen friends didn’t ask for anything different is what Lisa said,”I don’t want to be questioned.” At least she was honest, and not faking being shocked liked that tramp Heather, Andy, and every other Karen. All of ya’ll knew she was lying, and denied until she got caught. You were fine when she was flashy, and turning up for clicks and reviews. Now you are turning on her faster than milk in 90 degree weather. So stop it.

Rick Patel, special agent, was like, yeah they knew we were coming and we (The Feds) 96% conviction, again stop it….Bravo knew how to get eyes on this raggedy show and ratings…this is why this show is now deleted from my watch history.

Harpo, who deez women? I love this Tea…

I have no idea who any of these new people are but will make for footer to research for my blog, and this guy has encouraged me to use emoji to post reels and and get paid. And Kandi Burruss getting folks paid again.

And ya’ll following Karen’s Googled shaman…yeah makes perfect sense…Just no.

Several shows need to be deleted from my watch list but I just can’t help watching.

I can’t help but wonder if both Wendy and Candiance wish Monique Samuel was still a part of cast?

What shows are your guilty pleasures? Send comments below or send to

Listen to my blog as I remix the Brady Bunch Theme..

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