TNFro Is…Singing About A Story, of A Group of Women Being Paid to Read And Shade Each Other On Command…And Other Not So Reality TV Shenanigans.

I spent most of the last few days trying to finish the lyrics to the above video diddy. It was fun, and also seemed disturbing to my little dog Ethel as she ran around in circles and barked as I sang and twerked to Go-Go music laying down.

Real Housewives…Atlanta and Potomac

This reality TV franchise is complete garbage. Unlike other fans, I see them and the shady host and producer, Andy Cohen, as playing really bad parts in an ongoing soap opera. I can only judge parts of their lives that they willingly share with the watching audience.

I will never wish them harm I only wish they get help if they are as mentally F-ed up as they seem on scene.

I am rewatching Real Housewives of Potomac, and Ashley begging her trash pervert husband, for a family as he gaslights her to the Gods. And her mother is a willing participant in the pimpage of her daughter to this dude only good for his million dollar bank account. Because that is what she did when she was younger, but it didn’t pan out.

They seem not about the BS and the foolishness. Ashley Darby turned a blind eye, defended Michael’s crap and unfaithfulness for the entirety of this series and I can’t help thinking why? What was the payoff off screen? She seemed at ease saying BS and had no visible means of support outside of her allowance. Seems Michael knew some T on Ashley’s upbringing–speak softly, agree, look pretty and you too can land a sugar daddy…sounds very familiar but I digress.

But she wasn’t the messiest because NeNe Leakes, Kim Whitfield and all her wigs minus her sugar daddy Big Poppa, Porsha, Phaedra, Sheree’,Kenya of Ms USA Fame, Marlo and all her aliases led to some of the most memorable reads and dozens in history. Also some of the men turned up, Brandon, Peter, Chris…OMG! Apollo had those prison muscles Season 6 holy moley….

This is why I stay out of trouble, I only watch and take notes on this messy -ish but stay in the safety of my house. F-the BS!

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