TNFro Is Reading…& Presents Woke History-from Republican to Democrat Party it really Was about the Benjamins

“…go turn Lincoln’s picture to the wall. That debt has been paid in full.” Robert L VAnn, The Courier

FDR was a politician able to make promises to African Americans and the rest of the country but did not quite ensure the delivery of relief from poverty and starvation. It was all about the Benjamins that caused our mass exodus from the South and the Republican Party.

Who Knew Angela Staunton Dissection of Phony Phae Phae is still better than Season 15 of #RHOA


You really have to know the law in order to break it without getting caught. Spousal priviledge is a thing…


Phaedra Parks spent an entire Season trying to build her image to portray herself in a different light to help solidify her $30 million case which was dismissed with prejudice some 4 years later. 

I also have popular culture commentary and more commentary on Un-reality T.

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