TNFro Is Reading…Revisiting 2020 How Far I Want To Go, Black Excellence, Donkey of the Day, Quarks Bar Pop Culture

Mad shot out to listeners in the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Finland! Keep downloading! Keep Listening!

I got the idea of reviewing and re-publishing my podcast’s most downloaded episodes. I deleted more unfocused or irrelevant bits but left them in a hyped trap intro and my read of a cousin while throwing shade about the lack of followers and anonymity of my show pushed me on ways to increase my show’s profile…remembering what success for me is.

Celebrating Black Excellence...Dr. Analeigh, 13 admitted to medical school and the first Black 4-star General, General Langley


She is known as the stupid girl…

Quark’s Bar Popular …Revisit George Packard’s Article In the Atlantic, listening to My 7 Black Fathers and Revisiting Truman Capote’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s and I still have not found that first edition…

I am Watching and I am obsessed with P-Valley!!

I have already watched this week’s episode 3 times…

Imagine having Mercedes, the GOAT, as your mama!! Bless their THOT-ee lil’ asses…Mercedes PVALLey Coach Chucalissa Challengers.

My heart is broken over Big Teak’s despair and suicide…

Also, I discovered the accidental overdose of Master Ps Daughter to addiction…

Master P(wait his name is Percy??) is now on a mission, to prevent this from happening to any other family.

Oh NOOOO!!! Ms. Ernestine!!!

The writing gets better every week! I love this show!

Also, Mississippi is getting ready to DEAL with Ritchie Not Rich…Let’s Review the tapes why this song and her body slaps!!

You are not alone, and someone is pulling for you! The new National Suicide Hotline and Addiction Hotline is…988

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours.

Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more


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