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TNFro is Reading…Interview with Safa Shaqsy and Simone Johnson Smith, Ode to Tina Turner, and Unreality TV Shenanigans feliciabaxter

Singing off key to Tina Turner May She Rest in Power.  Life's journey should be about positivity and healing and forward motion. Interview with YA author, Safa Shaqsy and podcaster Simone Johnson Smith of the Immigrant Experience     Join TNFro as she is Celebrating Us…The McBride Sisters of Black Girl Magic.  To learn more about the SHE CAN Fund and put in your application, apply at Applications close on June 15th.    Full Episodes, Notes, and Snippets on YouTube and are available! Click here to peruse and Subscribe! Contact Us via LinkedIn: Dale's Angels Inc Twitter: @tvfoodwinegirl Instagram: @tnfroisreading YouTube: Facebook: TNFroIsReading Bookclub You know your girl is on her hustle, support the show by navigating to: Online Bookstore: Far From Beale St. Books Dale's Angel's Store…For Merch Promo Code: tnfro Writer's Block Coffee Ship A Bag of Dicks Promo Code: tnfrogotjokes Don't forget to drop me a line at comments on the show or suggestions for Far From Beale St additions.  @_realityrecords @blacksuccessgoal #podcasthost #podcastersunite #applepodcast #podcasting #podcast #spotifypodcast #podcasters #podbean #podcastshow #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster@_realityrecords @blacksuccessgoal #podcast #tennessee #podcastersofinstagram #britonmedia #monday #blackownedbusiness #ukraine #blackexcellence #creative #1billionblackgirls #tnfroisreading #podbean @blacksuccessgoal #podcast #tennessee #podcastersofinstagram #britonmedia #monday #blackownedbusiness #ukraine #blackexcellence #creative #1billionblackgirls #tnfroisreading #podbean
  1. TNFro is Reading…Interview with Safa Shaqsy and Simone Johnson Smith, Ode to Tina Turner, and Unreality TV Shenanigans
  2. Bonus Content: NASA Billionaire Race to Mars, Drinking TN Whiskey and Slurping Ramen, Commenting On Sports Alphabet and My Own Sci-Fi
  3. TNFro is Reading…The Piano Lesson, Celebrating Black Excellence McBride Sisters, Donkeys4Ever, and Unreality TV Shenanigans
  4. Bonus Content: TNFro’s Bar…NASA News, Drinking Spicy Watermelon Margaritas, ‘Shop Talk Dallas, NBA Finals, BG Back in WNBA, and Short Star Trek Update
  5. Bonus Content: TNFro’s Bar…NASA News, Drinking Spicy Watermelon Margaritas, ‘Shop Talk Dallas, NBA Finals, BG Back in WNBA, and Short Star Trek Update
Side Eye To The Offensive Coordinator of the Cowboys

This week for the Cowboys, did the damn thing!! Finally these fools played like a team and playoffs here we come!!

Click to Watch, Dallas Cowboy Recap, On NFL Channel YouTube.

Artwork Contest Still going on! I kind of like the current CQM artwork but I want to see what is actually out there in time for the holidays. So send your files to for consideration before the December 22 cut off. You will receive a shout out on the show $100 first prize and a T-shirt of your choice as part of the first prize. Please make sure your work is original and no copyrighted images are used, and rights to the unused images will remain the property of the artist.

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News…The Light Always Wins…Jewish Ukrainians celebrate Hanukkah in spite of blackouts in capitol.

#BG Is Free!! Released In Exchange for an arms dealer with his own Air Force…

Send your music requests to and like the show on #amp Full playlist on iTunes Let’s stream all I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey to #1 again!!

Tales from News, Reddit and Medium …Dating and Romance Over 50 (I do not vouch for the validity of these tales but if you have something wilder hit me up at

Just because you’re not getting it(sex) doesn’t mean you don’t want it…Ex-Real Housewife of

nowhere Dorinda.

I date like I invest. I am risk averse, so I don’t invest as much, and I don’t date. Felicia Baxter,

TNFro 2022.

I talk about how in new relationships or changing relationships, first dates and no circle backs from those that can’t verbalize their feelings.

TNFro Shorts…Loneliness, First Dates and Navigating The Holidays

President Zelensky Will Address Congress and arrives at the White House…

Opioid Crisis…No One is Safe. Fentanyl Deaths Happen to everyone.

RONA Updates…Triple Pandemic and Death when you are vaccinated and boosted with the wrong variant…

Get free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests this winter

Every U.S. household is eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-⁠19 tests.

Order Free At-Home Tests

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Movies and Ratched TV Watching

RHOP reads and Hot Mess Miami Turndown, Candiance has 2 Not 4 degrees…Further Do we care about Mia’s Sex-capades??

Bisexual Wives, Threesomes While Married, and More Shade

Social Media RoundUp

Starting Listening and Carrying Light…risk can be worth the reward, pushing through fear and being unsettled…The Tudors in Love promises to be a Real Medieval Housewives level page turner. I didn’t know King Henry met Anne Boleyn at a party for his first wife.

Off-show shenanigans are more interesting, but when a couple is hustling for success, it is a beautiful thing! The original production showed the awkwardness of their relationship. Still, their testimony and representation of themselves on their youtube channel was a breath of fresh air from that hag, Angela and Michael, as well as Shaeda and Bilal’s abusive relationships, just sayin’.

Planned Parenthood Is Not a Safe Place for Black and Brown Woman…there are alternate organizations, like Plan C that are about that life…truly inclusive and safe for African American Woman, not just allies.

Plan C is a public health meets creative campaign, started in 2015 by a small but mighty team of veteran public health advocates, researchers, social justice activists and digital strategists.

Plan C transforms access to abortion in the US by normalizing the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail.

Our Vision: A near future in which the ability to end an early pregnancy is directly in the hands of anyone who needs it.

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