TNFro Short Clips… News, Good Black News and Just Stupid: Lying on your resume may just be illegal, ask George Santos

Still a lot of firsts in the US in the 21st century…CHANTELLE PORTER IS NOW THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN JUDGE IN ILLINOIS’ 18TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT. Illinois is a state filled with Black political firsts. In 2017, Allison Madison was the first woman and first African-American to be elected as mayor of Mound City, Illinois. Juliana Stratton was named the first Black Lieutenant Governor in 2019. Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch became Illinois’ House of Representatives first Black speaker last year and, just this year, Judge Lisa Holder White was named the first Black woman on the Illinois Supreme Court. 

And even in spite of these amazing firsts, a racial divide even keeps the streets in the Arctic North, Buffalo, from even getting shoveled. Still no power and they can’t even get out according to a report in the Washington Post. We still have a wide racial divide even for vital services, we have to do better.

Then the fragile privileged, not Blacks, are still lying. Was anybody shocked when this fool George Santos is coming up under investigation for lying on his résumé? Aren’t they going after Trump with a violation of article 18 freaking aiding and abetting “The Big Lie” or to carry out lie to government agencies. So if you lie to get elected to office Isn’t that a violation of federal law? I think people are not so shocked he did lie, is more so that he got called out for it.

The Internet is gonna do what it does or investigative journalists from respectable news agencies are not gonna come after you I think there will be a runoff election because dude is going to have to resign, I think he is in direct violation of federal law. Hmm, I wonder has anyone checked the resumes on the rest of the newly elected Republican Congressional candidates. Could there be a wider net to be cast?

Only a sociopath would think that the laws don’t apply to them. He should have at least done some investigation in federal law, taken a policy class, read a book or Google this shit. What are the consequences if you get caught in a lie and why wouldn’t you think nobody would check your credentials that’s some Bold -ish right there.

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