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So Dallas beat the Trash Titans….I freely admit to my love-hate relationship with the Cowboys. But like that annoying family member, I can talk trash about them but non-fans, and the Stephen Smith’s of the world cannot.

They won, not by a whole bunch, because as I said, Titans are trash. The offense and defense for Dallas seemed confused for most of the game. Yo, Dak threw 2 interceptions. Zeke had 19 carries and kept to a measly 37 yards and 1 raggedy touchdown and CeeDee Lamb had 11 receptions and 100 yards and no touchdowns. Who the ham-sandwich is Dalton Schultz? And how did he get 2 touchdowns? Oh tight-end, joined the Cowboys in 2018.

Although I enjoy CeeDee Lamb’s and the other receivers performance, I literally just realized I hadn’t seen Amari Cooper this entire season. Dude was traded to the Brown’s for both the 5th and 6th draft picks…

Round 5: No. 155 – Matt Waletzko, OT, North Dakota—2 months ago. Waletzko (shoulder) was placed on injured reserve.

Round 5: No. 167 – DaRon Bland, CB, Fresno State–>getting it in with 4 tackles

Round 5: No. 176 – Damone Clark, LB, LSU–>getting it in with 4 tackles

Round 5: No. 178 – John Ridgeway, DT, Arkansas–>Did he play? Not for us, he is on the Commanders now.

Round 6: No. 193 – Devin Harper, LB, Oklahoma State–>2 months ago. Dallas placed Harper (Achilles) on injured reserve.

For the full recap, navigate to NFL Network for this and updates on other games….

So you traded away one of the best receivers in the NFL 2 of these fools injured and one traded to the Commanders…how are your choices working for ya’ Jerry? Ask Dez Bryant now Amari Cooper will go down as one the worst trades in NFL history. But definitely makes for explosive and interesting football.

I wanted to share the results of the survey I did back in August…The comments can be trash, but some right on point…

Relationships Etc r/Over40andDating

In any relationship you must ask the questions. And continued selfishness in a romantic or even in friendships should and always be dealbreakers.

As always with this thread the comments are everything…

Can you imagine being our age and with someone most of your adult life and then when the focus of your relationship, offspring, are gone and then you realize you are trash as a mate? And you choose to cruise the apps and inflict that damage on someone else? Evidently it is a thing, and if does not get most people to delete all the dating apps and have an emergent session with your therapist on Talkspace (Shout out to #daniellathan) the above mentioned relationship quandary should.

Also, being on the apps for years, still seeing some of the same people with very few updates in their profiles?

In the short time I was on the dating apps, 3 months in 2005, I suspect nothing much has changed. People still using old pictures, lying about their locations, lying about the vocations…no one wants to kiss any frogs at this age? Only the bold and crazy still try and make for interesting blog posts.

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  1. kafececelia says:

    I learned about football when I was 4 years old living in Arlington, Texas. We went to every Dallas game at Irving Stadium; I learned all about football when the Cowboys were 1-15. I have been a die hard fan ever since…at least up to just under a decade ago. I despise Jerry Jones. Dallas is not going to get back to the Super Bowl, or even have any decent playoff experience until they get a real General Manager. So, I boycott them. I don’t buy their merch, or root for their winning, or go to games in Jerry World… I support the players, bc I am still a fan. But, like you said, I can complain about them at the top of my lungs bc they are my family. Nice article, love. I look forward to reading more.

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