TNFro Is Starting #2023 Shady AF…RHOP Shenanigans Double Standards and Hypocrisy

I hope everyone is caught up to the latest episode of RHOP, this cast of mean girls are something else. From the usual jealous shade to piling on to allegations of inappropriate behavior against Chris Bassett, completely false in my opinion, by old leather neck aunt Gizzy and Ashley Muppet friend, Deb. This season has been absolutely crazy.

Umm, so the spin to remove Wendy from show…Is Wendy Dragging Mia? …Well she kind of is verbally anyways, and they have it on tape…She would use any means necessary to silence the squirrely truth about her and Peter Thomas or dishing on her and Gordon being locked out of the Joint chiropractic practice by a family member. Wow.

I bet Dr. Osefo would not have gone so hard to get Monique removed from the show and aligned herself with those vipers…Jus’ sayin’. But even now Monique who does not mince words, did warn Wendy about the Green Eye Vipers….

Are Gizzy and Juan’s roommate demanding Mia gets removed from the show? Let’s see no, these hypocritical demons are orchestrating Wendy to be removed, just because let’s face it, she is more beautiful, accomplished than either could ever be and they simply don’t like her for it. Has someone called out Robyn and Gizelle for the hypocrisy? Yes, @justindiego and #candiancebassett do this brilliantly. Ooooo the shade!

Wendy Osefo And Mia Thornton I haven’t done a review on the last couple of episodes of RHOP because honestly every since things popped off with Mia Thorn berry getting ratchet with Dr. Wendy, I feel like these last couple of weeks have honestly been filler episodes and they will continue to give us filler episodes until we get to Karen Huger clocking in and shaking the table later on in the season. Or is it just me? Andy Cohen Slams Gizelle And Robyn on WWHL.

2:04 Andy Cohen Slams Gizelle And Robyn on WWHL

4:00 Gizelle and Robyn Interview

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Robyn was not helping, she was literally antagonizing her and would have sent the footage of Wendy, if she had popped off, to production to get her off the show and fired from all her jobs. These are the 2 most vicious, old mean girls I have never met. This is some petty high school BS.

OMG, how delusional is Karen? The La Dom-es really. This is not a thing Karen. She really has her medium level fame go to her head. I still don’t understand why people would pay good money to see this over-plastic not Housewife living in a rental on the edge of Potomac host a variety show…I am still very confused.

And Ashley and Karen are on some Woo Woo Who-Do Ish. Cleansing the group by some rando shaman. Girl, please.

Is Karen suggesting Wendy press charges? Of course not, but evidently Charisse and Karen get bucked in Mexico, and may press charges on an enraged Karen.

If this is the lead up to Robyn exiting and Mia Thornton and her dirty ol’ sugar daddy, G-money coming on the show, I will be exiting stage right.

So who is the most useless Housewife of Potomac?

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